Point-to-Point Networks

Satellite IP Trunking networks provide local networks with access to the internet (or any other type of network) from a remote access point to the backbone. Providing IP Trunking & Backbone services to ISPs and Telecom operators requires constant scrutinizing of the operational expenses due to a highly competitive market with razorthin margins.

Implementing new technical solutions to deal with these challenges is more essential than ever.


Newtec's FlexACM® technology doubles the data throughput in IP Trunking and Backbone networks over satellite at optimal availability.

FlexACM combines the DVB-S2 standard with a set of technologies in order to double the throughput over satellite in the same bandwidth, with the capability to combine different services (video, voice, data, internet access, VoIP, WiMAX, GPRS, 3G, etc.) within the same satellite carrier.


A wide selection of Satellite Modulators, considered to be the most efficient on the market.


Find out more about which of Newtec’s full portfolio of IP and Broadcast modems will suit your applications.


Designed and scaled to make your business successful.


Check out these professional demodulator solutions to provide your network the boost it deserves.

Redundancy Switches

Designed to switch any type of data stream or modulated signals.

Frequency Converters

A complete portfolio for Broadcast, Telco and IP Satellite Head-ends.

Newtec Dialog

Newtec Dialog® is a flexible, scalable and efficient satcom platform that embraces change.