Elevating enterprise private networks with cost-effective satellite services

Today’s enterprises are fully dependent on reliable connectivity at all corporate locations. To achieve the required reach and reliability for corporate networks, satellite services are often an essential element in the connectivity technologies mix. Our technology empowers satellite connectivity matching enterprise customers’ current and future needs.

Seamless network integration - “are we using satellite?”

Enterprise private networks must address the day-to-day needs of the company and the corporate IT department to build and operate the enterprise infrastructure and corporate applications across different connectivity technologies. This enables the network to serve corporate end-users in the most optimal way.

How does Newtec address the key challenges of enterprise customers?

Easy integration in to corporate networks 

Primary or back-up satellite connectivity, based on our technology, easily blends in to corporate IT networks. We bring networking flexibility – using layer 3 and layer 2 networking – which is combined with our sophisticated Quality of Service management to provide easy integration into the corporate IT network.

Scalable and future-proof connectivity 

Our Newtec Dialog® technology allows users to address both current and future connectivity needs. Using our remote modem portfolio, any throughput requirement – from low data rate transactional connectivity to as high as hundreds of Mbps – can be easily addressed. 

Reliable and Cost effective services 

Our innovative satellite technologies such as DVB-S2X and Mx-DMA® provide unprecedented bandwidth usage efficiency, resulting in the lowest possible OPEX while at the same time assuring the best-in-class service reliability required by end-users.

Our Newtec Dialog platform brings you an efficient, scalable and future-proof solution for a wide variety of connectivity needs.


A wide selection of Satellite Modulators, considered to be the most efficient on the market.


Find out more about which of Newtec’s full portfolio of IP and Broadcast modems will suit your applications.

Satellite Terminals

Find the best combinations of Modems, BUCs, LNB’s and antenna’s for your network application.


Designed and scaled to make your business successful.


Check out these professional demodulator solutions to provide your network the boost it deserves.

Newtec Dialog

Newtec Dialog® is a flexible, scalable and efficient satcom platform that embraces change.