Newtec Dialog

What is Newtec Dialog?

Newtec Dialog® is a single-service and multiservice VSAT platform that allows operators and service providers to build and adapt their infrastructure and satellite networking according to business or missions at hand. Based on the cornerstones of flexibility, scalability and efficiency, the Newtec Dialog platform gives the operator the power to offer a variety of services on a single platform.

Key characteristics:

  • Flexible Service Offering
  • Flexible Business Models
  • Multiservice Operation
  • Anywhere, Anytime Services
  • Operating a Newtec Dialog Network
Newtec Dialog Building Blocks

Newtec Dialog is a revolutionary VSAT platform enabling a wide range of business-to-consumer, business-to business and governmental applications over a single versatile satellite communications system covering both fixed and mobile environments. The core of the Newtec Dialog platform is the Newtec Dialog hub which is designed to be a fully scalable and flexible multiservice solution.

The unsurpassed scalability and flexibility is fully exposed through the Network Management System (NMS) which makes it perfectly suited for basic star networks with just a few terminals up to complex networks with multiple spot beams accessed from multiple gateways with many thousands of terminals. The versatile modem portfolio provides the right performance, application-specific characteristics and price point for a wide range of targeted applications.

The Newtec Dialog platform functionality can be continuously increased through software upgrades which maximize the hub and modem equipment investment.



The Newtec XIF Hub is the solution for gateway deployments serving a multitude of beams, transponders or satellites.

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Hosting up-to 4 satellite networks in a single rack, the Newtec HUB6504 is the solution for satellite service providers.

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