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Newtec's end of life policy

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Newtec’s Redundancy Switches can be used in any satcom application and are designed to switch any type of data stream or modulated signals.

Our range of Redundancy Switches consists of a series of dedicated 1+1 protection equipment and Universal Switching Systems providing compact, tailor-made and cost-effective solutions.

Our switches include the innovative and unique GbE Logical switching feature based on virtual addresses, requesting less components compared to the traditional IP physical switching solution.

End of life

AZ270 1+1 Frequency Converter Redundancy Switch

Switching of IF, L-band or RF-band inputs/outputs.

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End of life

AZ290 1+1 Demodulator Redundancy Switch

Switching of IF or L-band inputs. Switching of ASI, G.703, SDH, HSSI or IP outputs.

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