B2C & B2B VSAT Services Extended in Russia

B2C & B2B VSAT Services Extended in Russia

April 2013

At more than 17 million square kilometres (10.6 million  square miles), Russia is the  largest country in the world, and having internet access in the remote areas at an  affordable price is essential. Until this year only expensive professional VSAT installations in limited hot spots in the Moscow and Saint Petersburg regions were available.

Contracts with Gazprom Space Systems and RuSat have been signed making Newtec the preferred partner of choice to provide the complete VSAT system including hub, modems and antennas to provide Internet access in remote areas at an affordable price.

Extending Services with Gazprom Space Systems

After a competitive tendering  process, Newtec was chosen to provide the equipment for a new GSS VSAT Platform. GSS plans to offer satellite broadband access services to local  ISPs that will in turn supply services to consumers and enterprise customers within the Yamal-402 footprint.

“Together with our engineers we were looking for a strong partner who could offer low cost terminals, a fast network roll out and user-friendly network management system.”  (Dmitriy Sevastiyanov, Director General, Gazprom Space Systems)

Providing RuSat with the Latest Hub and Terminal Technology

Newtec has also provided RuSat, the  satellite service provider for enterprise customers, Internet service providers and government agencies in  Russia,  with the latest VSAT hub  and end-user terminal technology. The  service will enable high speed and competitive broadband connectivity. RuSat’s first ISP, Raduga Internet, has  already signed up to use RuSat’s service to provide Internet services to the consumer market.

“We have made an extensive market analysis and selected Newtec’s VSAT technology for our new satellite broadband service. We are impressed by the ease of use, the bandwidth efficiency and the price attractiveness of the end-user terminal" (Sergey Alymov, General Director of RuSat)