Backhauling for Powerful GSM and Mobile Network in Somalia

Backhauling for Powerful GSM and Mobile Network in Somalia

Somalia is a country in the midst of rapid economic and social change. With a population of more than 10 million, mobile connections have risen dramatically in the past two years to exceed three million and are expected to reach more than five million by 2015.

In just the past five years, Africa’s mobile phone market has rapidly expanded to become larger than either the EU or the United States with some 650 million subscribers. In Somalia, the public telecommunications system was almost completely destroyed or dismantled during the civil war.

Local cellular telephone systems have been established in Mogadishu and in several other population centers with one company beginning to provide 3G services in late 2012 (Source Web World Bank and

Developing the Mobile Network

Working with Talia, we have set into motion the provision of a new satellite communications backbone infrastructure for AGSM.MOBI, a mobile operator in Somalia.

Based on our  FlexACM® technology, the network will enable reliable mobile voice, data, and payment services throughout Somalia. The AGSM.MOBI network will be hosted at Talia Teleport, and will provide connectivity as  a managed service, interconnecting with co-located ASGSM.MOBI equipment.

Network to Rely On

The satellite network for Talia will run over one of our fully-redundant IP hubs which will support growth of voice and mobile data usage within Africa, using our FlexACM technology.

The technology will be integrated into Talia Teleport to optimize the satellite link and provide robust connectivity even in conditions of dust and rain which can be a challenge in the sub-Saharan and tropical regions in Somalia.

Backhauling Africa

In other projects, our  FlexACM technology is powering high-speed Ka-band IP trunking service across Africa; is optimizing smaller satellite links for backhauling in Africa and is supporting the largest pan-African communications network with customers in 40 countries.