Combining Broadband Access and IP Trunking Services

Combining Broadband Access and IP Trunking Services

April 2012

Despite the increasing roll-out of broadband terrestrial services like DSL, a significant number of households worldwide are deprived of fast broadband access services. Bridging this digital divide is high on the agenda of decision makers because broadband penetration has high economic impact on a country. The service cannot be limited to cities, and satellite must play a vital role.

The importance of satellite IP trunking networks can also not be under-rated. They provide local networks with access to the Internet from a remote access point to the backbone. Satellite service providers, teleports and satellite operators that provide these services are faced with new and complex challenges to maintain their competitiveness, while remaining profitable.

Implementing new technical solutions to deal with these challenges is more essential than ever. Flexible business models, delivering the best Service Level Agreements (SLA) and offering Trunking services at competitive prices puts the service providers back in the game. Having a simple solution for making efficiencies with both broadband access and IP trunking services is important. But let us take a look at two examples of Newtec business partners that are pioneering these type of solutions: InSat and Yahsat.

InSat combines VSAT and IP Trunking

German-based Internet provider InSat will install Newtec Sat3Play® hub and terminal technology enabling it to deliver next generation Ka-band communications over Afghanistan. InSat plans to provide three distinct services for Afghan telecom providers based on Newtec’s technology:

• IP Trunking services for large companies and government agencies
• VSAT services for small and medium companies and
• broadband IP access services for consumers.

These are all to come under its brand named hi-stream®. InSat operates its own hub and related infrastructure, and the company aims to bridge the so-called digital divide in countries and regions with underdeveloped telecommunications infrastructures. CEO Valentine Gurinovich said Newtec was selected because of its history of providing reliable technology and high quality of customer service.

He continued: “Newtec will be our exclusive partner and will provide us with two-way Sat-3Play satellite broadband technology. We plan to offer high-speed Ka-band access for small businesses and consumers, whilst also delivering professional solutions for heavy IP trunking users”.

“Satellite remains the prime choice for telecommunication services In Afghanistan. The introduction of our Ka-band service means we will be able to provide cost-efficient solutions giving our customers significant advantages compared to any alternative. The price for throughput and satellite terminals will be significantly lower compared to existing solutions, while the broadband experience will significantly increase”, Gurinovich concluded.

InSat will be implementing the Newtec technology on Avanti’s Ka-Band satellite HYLAS 2 which is on track for a June 2012 delivery date. HYLAS 2 is a bi-directional Ka-Band satellite with 24 spot beams across the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa and Europe.

Serge Van Herck, Newtec CEO, said the company’s Sat3Play Ka-Band solution supports a broad range of applications ranging from consumer broadband to more professional applications. Insat will be able to easily grow its network with the addition of different types of terminals as its business in the region grows, without the need for major expenditure.

Newtec behind Yahsat High Speed Ka-band IP Trunking Service

Newtec is helping Yahsat to offer the highest possible efficiency on its new high speed IP trunking service which it contracted and announced at the recent CABSAT show in Dubai.

The service will be offered via Yahsat’s second satellite, Y1B. The new agreement will support Yahsat’s new business service, YahCarrier, which is set to be the region’s first Ka-band IP trunking service. YahCarrier will provide telecommunication carriers, ISPs and corporate network service providers across the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia, with reliable, costeffective, ‘always on’ solutions for backhauling local internet data from underserved and un-served locations to the Internet.

Newtec will support YahCarrier by installing its hubs and terminals on both sides of the satellite link. The technology optimises IP satellite links and reduce the operational costs for businesses. For this project Yahsat will utilise IP modulators, IP demodulators and IP modems, as well as a range of IP appliances that provide modern traffic enhancement, compression and protection capabilities for IP services. Together, these will ensure the maximum efficiency and throughput for Yahsat on its new Ka-band satellite. 

Yahsat’s coverage extends over more than 140 countries and is set to launch in April 2012, will include a multi spotbeam Ka-band payload, designed specifically to support broadband access networks. Ka-band spot beam satellites re-use frequencies to maximise spectrum efficiency for more network capacity.

Yahsat CEO, Tareq Abdul Raheem Al Hosani, commented: “Ka-band technology is set to make realistic and tangible improvements for Yahsat customers as the cost of throughput is reduced dramatically. We are working with Newtec to further maximise efficiency and quality of service to enable the best possible services to our clients.”

“Developing strong partnerships is a cornerstone of Yahsat’s business strategy. We are always looking to work with the world’s leading technology providers, in order to deliver the best networks, products, services and cost effective operational costs. That is why the decision to enter into a partnership with Newtec, with their strong industry track record, was easy to make. There is a great synergy between our organisations and I look forward to building a strong and longlasting relationship.”