Deep Sea Dive With James Cameron

Deep Sea Dive With James Cameron

September 2012

Last year, film-maker James Cameron completed a record dive to reach the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean. Isn’t it great to see satellite technology be part of this great scientific expedition, backed by the National Geographic Society and Rolex?

Newtec’s technology AZ110 + AZ210 1+1 switch and AZ910, all with DualFlow®, were used to transmit real time video and images back via Telstra’s earth station in Sydney, as part of the deep-ocean research. The extraordinary deal was done by Newtec’s partner Lumina Broadcast Systems headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Live Broadcasting and Data over Satellite

DualFlow is a Newtec technology that presents broadcasters with the ability to transport simultaneous live broadcasting and data over the satellite link in the same carrier. Additionally, DualFlow enables two-way connectivity over satellite, introducing new interactive services (VoIP, Web browsing, file transfer, translation and comments to news items) to boost productivity. DualFlow is available on Newtec’s satellite broadcasting modulation equipment.

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