Internet Services at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan

Internet Services at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan

September 2012

Case Study by Allen Schoonmaker, Marketing Director at SpeedCast Ltd.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) face a myriad of technical challenges in delivering quality service to their customers. Add to this the additional challenges of operating in a conflict zone, and you have an even bigger task on your hands.

Nobody knows this better than the team at iFONE-Neda Internet Services, the Internet Service Provider which operates on Kandahar Air Field (KAF) in Afghanistan, serving NATO personnel and contractors. iFONE-Neda is one of the primary suppliers for the Kandahar Air Field, inhabited by thousands of military and civilian personnel.
iFONE-Neda partnered with us to deliver their Internet backhaul connectivity, due to our expertise in delivering highly reliable communications in the most remote locations, and our ability to deliver a comprehensive solution for iFONE-Neda.

What's the Core Technology?

At KAF a satellite communications system was installed in iFONE-Neda’s main office. Additionally a Single-Channel-Per Carrier (SCPC) link using Newtec equipment was put up, to provide for iFONE-Neda, connecting their main office to the Internet.

The VSAT system provided an asymmetric 95 Mbps of bandwidth up and 37 Mbps of bandwidth down, based on the C-band frequency. Given the size and importance of the link, Newtec equipment was the ideal choice due to the combination of its high-performance, high-reliability and advanced features.

The CEO of Neda Telecommunications afterwards praised the reliability and quality that the SpeedCast solution offered. That’s what convinced them in the first place to go for SpeedCast, as the satellite service provider for Kandahar Air Field.

A Vital Link to Thousands of Users

The system now supports thousands of users at the Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan and provides a vital communications link between iFONE-Neda’s offices and the Internet. iFONE-Neda is a strategic partner for the personnel on the base, ensuring they have a reliable way to communicate with each other, with other facilities, and with friends and family back home.