Lift Off With HYLAS 2

Lift Off With HYLAS 2

September 2012

By Mike Fiddes, Sales Director Middle East and Africa, Avanti Communications

On 2 August, 2012, Avanti Communications launched HYLAS 2 from the European spaceport in French Guiana. Within a few weeks, our new satellite will be used to deliver data communications to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Following the successful launch, a hub is already being installed by an Avanti partner on HYLAS 2 and further installations are planned. The Newtec hubs being deployed are destined to provide both business and consumer broadband services on Avanti’s satellite capacity. Operating in Ka-band, HYLAS 2 has 24 high powered fixed beams and a single steerable beam. This multi-beam architecture enables Avanti to target specific geographic markets and allows us to respond to changes in market demand whilst the satellite is in orbit. HYLAS 2 complements Avanti’s existing Ka-band capacity over Europe delivered through HYLAS 1 which was launched in 2010.
A third Ka-band satellite, HYLAS 3, is already in the pipeline and is scheduled to launch in 2015. HYLAS 3 will provide further capacity in Africa through a single steerable cluster of 8 beams. This innovative capability will provide Avanti with even more capability to respond to changes in geographic market demand in one of the most exciting growth regions in the world.

Low Cost Data Services for EMEA

Ka-band, the core technology of the HYLAS fleet, has reduced the cost of delivering data communications from space. The use of smaller high-power beams and higher operating frequencies enables Ka-band satellites to deliver more bandwidth, more efficiently. This in turn gives our customers more affordable high-speed broadband services in areas beyond the reach of fibre-optic networks as well as new high throughput data services for businesses and governments.

Flexibility and Variety

Newtec’s Sat3Play capability is the latest type of hub to be deployed on Avanti’s HYLAS fleet underlining the flexibility of the Ka platform. With well over 100,000 Newtec Sat3Play terminals installed to date, coupled with the multi-ISP platform support and the optimisation of satellite links, Newtec provides a solution that is attractive to many of our customers. The ability to support a variety of hubs demonstrates Avanti’s commitment to supporting its partner’s business plans.

The PURE Model and Newtec's Hubs

We developed PURE, our Hosted Network Operator product, to provide Ka-band satellite capacity for service providers that want to own and manage their own hubs and networks using a technology platform of their choice. With Newtec hubs already installed in HYLAS earth stations, we are confident that they will provide another proven option for our PURE partners to consider. It also supports our philosophy to deliver a multi-vendor capability resulting in the most flexible portfolio of services in the industry.

What About the Future?

The growing demand for data communications is huge across the emerging markets, many of which have specific geographical challenges making terrestrial infrastructure impossible or just economically unfeasible. Satellites are becoming increasingly important across the world for economic and social development, as well as for other areas including defence, security and other important work such as aiding disaster recovery zones. We believe that, over time, our markets will sustain demand for dozens of Ka-band satellites.

We are bringing affordable data communications to regions which otherwise would remain unserved. We are pround to deliver technology and services that will help millions of people go where they want to go.