Luxembourg Army Stays Connected With Families

Luxembourg Army Stays Connected With Families

September 2012

by Lieutenant-Colonel Claude Schaus, CIS Project Manager, Luxembourg Army

Newtec came out on top when we were looking for a new partner to provide equipment to allow the Luxembourg Army to connect via satellite with our internal IT network, but also with friends and family back home.

The project was won by Newtec when it demonstrated better performance, security and practicality with its Mobile PEP-Box® during a competitive tendering process.

The Internet connection for the Luxembourg Army provided by SES and its broadband service, enables our soldiers in Afghanistan and Kosovo, to stay in touch with their family and friends back home whilst on service. On this same social network, Luxembourg Army’s requirement was to operate simultaneously an administrative network via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). This was of great importance to us when the contract was being awarded as logistics, office, personnel management and instruction information could otherwise not be accessed.

The Mobile PEP-Box compact design makes it easy to carry around whilst travelling, and offers us the assurance of extra security with its integrated IPsec client. To connect the system we simply plug the PEP-Box via USB and Ethernet-cable between the SES broadband terminal, which is actually also a Newtec technology, and our Laptops or PCs.

Current Missions

The Luxembourg army is a voluntary force, which is deployed to Afghanistan (ISAF) and Kosovo (KFOR) with operational units. They also have isolated professional soldiers participating in the current EU mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in DR Congo and in Lebanon.

About the Mobile PEP-Box
The palm-size appliance is a fully integrated USB-powered accelerator that is primarily used for optimising mobile satellite services and combines a number of traffic enhancement and security functionalities in one.