Newtec Helps Tour De France Team Broadcast "Bonsoir Quickstep”

Newtec Helps Tour De France Team Broadcast "Bonsoir Quickstep”

September 2011

The online television channel named “Bonsoir Quickstep” covered the team’s progress over the 2011 Tour De France race course which spans more than 3,600 Kilometres. Jan Smekens CEO Arendsoog/EAGLEi, in charge of the team communications, said Quickstep had always wanted a team television station but had previously thought it to be financially out of reach.

Smekens said: “The system creates opportunities we could only dream of before. For a long time it was our secret wish, as a small company, to air a daily television show from one of the world‘s biggest sporting events."

“It was the Newtec broadband terminal that gave us that opportunity allowing us to create and broadcast ‘Bonsoir Quickstep‘. The budget required to achieve this cannot be compared to any ‘old school‘ methods. It‘s a whole new ball game, to use a sports expression.“

Internet availability for the team along the route is often poor, with unreliable connections as many of the cyclists and support crews try to connect to the same hotel connection at the same time. The Newtec solution has given Quickstep its own dedicated flexible broadband connection at any time.

Smekens added: “Setting up the dish and aligning it took only 25 minutes. We would definitely recommend it. The Point&Play® technology was also really helpful in pointing the antenna correctly. It makes establishing a connection simple.”

Newtec partners IPCopter and Alden also provided the team’s broadcasting car and two buses with autopointing antenna‘s with dual LNB which supply a 3Mbps broadband connection for the team to receive TV and connect to the internet.