SES Selects Newtec to Deliver Next Generation Ka-Band Sat3Play® Technology for ASTRA2Connect

SES Selects Newtec to Deliver Next Generation Ka-Band Sat3Play® Technology for ASTRA2Connect

September 2011

Newtec and SES have signed an agreement to provide Europe’s largest satellite broadband network ASTRA2Connect with next generation Ka-band Sat3Play® terminals and related hub infrastructure.

With this new agreement, Newtec will be providing the next generation Ka-band terminals featuring higher download speeds beyond 10 Mbps and Newtec’s Point&Play® self-installation capability. Newtec will also enhance existing ASTRA2Connect end user terminals in Ku-band to enable download capabilities of up to 10 Mbps. These terminals are “Ka-Ready” providing an easy and low cost migration path from Ku-band to Ka-band.

The upgrade of existing end user terminals and the next generation Ka-band terminals featuring speeds beyond 10 Mbps are part of SES’s strategy to bring its successful ASTRA2Connect service to the next level. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2012, SES will further increase the performance of its ASTRA2Connect service by using additional multiple spot beam Ka-band capacity onboard its ASTRA 2F, 2E and 2G spacecraft to be launched between 2012 and 2014 and located at 28.2 degrees East.

“We now have the capabilities to enhance our existing service offerings to 10Mbps”, said Patrick Biewer, Managing Director of ASTRA Broadband Services (ABBS) - SES’s broadband subsidiary.

“With Ka-band capacity coming online we are investing in future proof technology to support even higher speeds and extended services,” he said. “Effi cient and reliable technology provides the foundation for this strategy. With our new hardware partnerships now in place, we will strengthen our service off ering and help us to further grow our customer base.”

CEO Serge Van Herck added: “The future of consumer broadband services over satellite is Ka-band. This is simply because the total capacity off ered by other commercial frequency bands cannot possibly cope with new demands. ASTRA2Connect’s download speed and volume has increased over the years and these new Sat3Play Kaband terminals will enable a further expansion to its offering.”