DVB-S2/EXT/S2X Calculator

The DVB-S2/Ext/S2X Calculator is a tool enabling you to define a carrier and retrieve all parameters required for link budget calculations. It incorporates DVB-S, DVB-S2, Newtec’s S2Extensions and the recently approved DVB-S2X standard, as implemented on Newtec’s modems.

Next Generation DVB-S2/Ext/S2X Calculator
  • Calculate carrier parameters for DVB standards from DVB-S up to DVB-S2X;
  • Optimized data for single carrier per transponder and multicarrier operational modes;
  • Automatic calculation of Es/No and C/N values for all Newtec modem products, including Newtec Dialog® modems and Newtec’s IP- and broadcast product lines;
  • Calculate data rates at different levels of the protocol stack: Raw data rate, information rate and IP rate;
  • Dynamic creation of the optimal MODCOD list based on your parameters for ACM systems.
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