Training Services

Newtec's training programs are designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest Newtec products and technologies and have the confidence and experience to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot our equipment. All our courses are delivered by engineers with field expertise and skilled in training techniques, awarded with satisfaction rates of 90% and more.
Our courses are continually reviewed and developed, and combine theoretical presentations, discussions, demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

Open Training Calendar

Convenient classroom theoretical and hands-on training is available year-round at our Newtec headquarters and regional offices. See the Training Calendar for our latest open training course schedule.

In-Company Training

Select any theoretical and hands-on training from our extensive training portfolio to be organized at a location of your choice. For more information or enquiries, please contact

Tailor-made Training

Sometimes the most effective way to meet your organization’s learning objectives is to commission us to design a training program specifically for you. This can involve tailoring existing modules or devising an entirely new solution. A quote for tailor-made training can be provided on request at

Newtec is a Certified GVF training reseller


 Training Portfolio

VSAT Technology & Installation

This course gives an overview of VSAT technology and installation techniques.

DVB-S2: The How, What & Why

This course is designed to provide an overview of the DVB-S2 standard and provide an explanation of the DVB-S2 calculator tool.

Link Budget Calculation

This course provides an explanation with practical guidance of how link budgets can be calculated with the available parameters.

IP Trunking Fundamentals

This course gives an overview of IP essentials and how to design a point-to-point satellite IP trunking network.

IP Trunking Advanced

This course gives you the knowledge to design a point-to-multipoint satellite IP trunking network.

IP Trunking Bandwidth Optimization

This course gives an overview of Newtec's IP trunking bandwidth optimization tools; FlexACM®, NoDE, and Equalink.

IP Acceleration Solutions

Learn how to configure and use Newtec's solutions for shaping, accelerating and compressing IP traffic.

Redundancy Switching

The course provides an explanation of the universal switching system from an operational, theoretical and practical perspective.

Earth Station Design

The course provides a complete overview of the RF level design of an earth station.

Broadcast & DSNG

The course provides a complete overview of DTH and DSNG satellite network solutions & technology.