Extended Lifecycle Support

Extended Lifecycle Support Policy

This policy explains the phases before terminating a product forever. Once a product has been End of Sale, it is no more manufactured or sold to customers. After the End of Service milestone, no maintenance, support, or fixes for the problems are provided to customers.

  • End of Life announcement : once the End of Life notification has been issued for a product, the clock starts ticking. Customers still have time to place any orders for 6 months and even purchase new services and a service contract.
  • End of Sale is the last date to order the product through sales channels. As from the End of Sale, the product is no longer available for purchase. After this date, no new improvements or features are provided in the form of software releases. Newtec still offers hardware repair or replacement. This phase is intended for usage by customers operating in stable environments with systems that are operating under reasonably stable loads.
  • End of Service : after End of Service, all support services for the product are normally unavailable.
  • Extended support period : Newtec can extend maintenance and support coverage after the End of Service date, provided a number of measures is jointly taken with the customer at least 6 months before End-of-Service date. More details in our Extended Lifecycle Support Policy.

Newtec reserves the right to alter this policy in relation to any of its specific products, subject to it informing any of its affected customers

End of Life Notification