Repair Services

Return Material Authorization

Before sending back any equipment to Newtec, you need to obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. The RMA number is a prerequisite for a smooth and timely handling of your product to be repaired.
To request RMA numbers please contact our online Service Desk.
Please only return the item listed under the RMA number. Newtec is not responsible for other parts (such as cabling, external amplifiers, other units...). Newtec will not perform any repair activities towards products which have been returned without having obtained an RMA number.


The product needs to be securely packed in a solid box, preferably in the original box. Transportation damage or damage due to bad packaging is the responsibility of the customer. If the unit arrives damaged, due to mishandling and/or transport, the warranty will be void.
The information label provided with the RMA number should always be put on the outer packaging in order to ensure a smooth and timely handling of your product.


The return details will be given together with the RMA number. Please always stick the RMA label clearly on the packaging of the product.
Shipment of the product to Newtec is the responsibility of the customer/sender. Shipment costs are borne by the customer/sender. The returned product should be fully insured, as Newtec is not liable for any lost or damaged products during transportation.
The customer/sender is responsible for all additional material handling costs such as customs (international), fees and duties. In order to avoid any problem of your shipment, please include all declaration documents in the Service Desk tool.
Please refer to the RMA number during all future communication regarding this repair request.
The return shipment costs of the repaired product are borne by Newtec (Incoterm DAP city).