Warranty Limitations

It should be noted that in general, the Newtec standard warranty and standard repair fees, do not apply to any product that has been operated in a way which does not conform to the normal operating conditions of the product (ref. General conditions for sales and supply).

Newtec warranty does not apply to any product that has been misused in any way such that it would affect the reliability or performance of the product.

Significant damage due to product misuse:
  • Heavy product damage (chassis, keyboard, back panel connectors)
  • Visible water damage
  • Unauthorised product modifications and replacements
  • Broken warranty seal(s)
  • DSNG application presumed generator exhaust particles inside the product
  • Any other damage due to inappropriate use of the product

The above mentioned misuse types could possibly affect the product performance, either on a continuous or intermittent basis. It should also be noted that these damages might obscure the actual root cause(s) of the reported behaviour and increase the risk of faulty diagnosis, triggering the wrong repair actions.

The warranty does not cover replacement or repair necessitated by damage from any cause beyond the control of Newtec, such as acts of Nature (e.g. lightning or other natural and weather related events), wartime environments, ...