Matching Satcom Return Technologies and Applications on Newtec Dialog

The Newtec Dialog satcom platform integrates innovative and revolutionary technologies that will take the satellite world by storm. With this new platform a patented return access technology Mx-DMA has been introduced which fills the gap between MF-TDMA and SCPC, insuring highest efficiency for any type of application, from very bursty traffic up to fixed bitrate services.

A series of videos explain you Mx-DMA, which applications it matches best and how it relates to the other most common satcom return technologies.

Introduction to Mx-DMA Satcom Return Technology

Getting as many Mbps as possible out of the expensive satellite bandwidth is the prime requirement for any satellite communication system.

On the Newtec Dialog satcom platform highest efficiency is offered through a patented return bandwidth allocation mechanism called Mx-DMA (Cross-Dimensional Multiple Access).

The video is an introduction to Mx-DMA and how it compares to SCPC and MF-TDMA, the two most commonly known return technologies in the VSAT industry.

Mx-DMA Compared to SCPC and MF-TDMA

In this video we compare Newtec's latest high efficiency Mx-DMA technology- to SCPC and MF-TDMA, the two most commonly known return bandwidth allocation mechanisms in the satellite VSAT industry.

Fixed Rate Services Using Mx-DMA

Although Newtec's latest Mx-DMA return bandwidth allocation mechanism has been designed to dynamically allocate the bandwidth among the different terminals in the Newtec Dialog satcom platform, it also brings huge bandwidth savings for fixed bitrate services where every terminals gets its own fixed bitrate.