Bandwidth Cancellation

Bandwidth cancellation (BWC) is a technology which allows transmission of two carriers into the same leased satellite bandwidth. At the receive side, the cancellation mechanism will cancel out the modem’s own uplink signal in order to be able to demodulate the desired carrier.

A gain of up to 30% in space capacity can be achieved for symmetrical links. When an existing link is bandwidth limited (not using all available transponder power of the leased bandwidth) gains of up to 100% are possible. This saving enables considerable OPEX savings or deployment expansion by adding services within the same available bandwidth.

  • Fast synchronization 
  • Easy operation and monitoring 
  • Highest spectral efficiency
How does it work? 

Bandwidth Cancellation is a technology on-board Newtec modems which processes signals completely in the digital domain (rather than using the traditional analogue processing). This enables the use of several algorithms to significantly increase the cancellation performance, speed up synchronization and add several additional monitoring parameters for simplified operation.

The Bandwidth Cancellation algorithm coexists with other technologies, such as FlexACM® and Intelligent AUPC, resulting in the most efficient usage of space capacity. A very high tolerance for carrier power density and symbol rate unbalance makes BWC a viable choice in almost any case.

A high performance built-in equalizer enables cancellation at any carrier rate, ranging from a simple 1Mbps circuit all the way up to a super high rate trunk with full transponder operation.

Equipment with this technology


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