DualFlow: Successful Migration to IP

With IP migration in the broadcasting industry underway, broadcasters, integrators, SNG operators and network operators need to keep pace with that latest technology and market changes to remain competitive. Choosing and building the right production and contribution infrastructures are critical in order to support new workflows and be future proof. The unique DualFlow feature enables a progressive migration from a traditional ASI video satellite transmission network to an IP infrastructure.

Stages in the Migration Process

The introduction of IP has brought about changes to production workflows and the way satellite transmissions operate. The evolution from traditional broadcast contribution to complete IP interactivity over satellite can be accomplished in three steps, which can be taken progressively or all at once, depending on the legacy and objectives of the migration.

Step 1: Connect

The first step concerns connectivity, where newer broadcast equipment uses IP interfaces and Ethernet cables instead of traditional ASI interfaces and coaxhead-ends and studios offer real advantages such as lower initial investments, higher flexibility, higher reliability and lower maintenance costs. DualFlow supports both IP and ASI interfaces, allowing broadcasters to make the transition to IP connectivity at any time.

Step 2: Transport

The second step is about the ability to transport IP content over a satellite link. IP transport enables the distribution of video material in file format and in real time. DualFlow allows broadcasters to transport IP over satellite in the most efficient way, and also to transmit traditional MPEG signals or a combination of both IP and MPEG on the same carrier.

Step 3: Interact

Finally, when used on a modem, DualFlow fully enables two-way IP interactivity over satellite. IP interactivity makes it possible to introduce new services into the broadcast workflows, such as real time interviews, VoIP coordination channels, file upload and download, and remote access to tapeless production infrastructures. By turning DSNG vans into remote offices, DualFlow increases the productivity of the remote teams.

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