The new DVB-S2X standard, released in Feb 2014, results in yet another 15-30% efficiency gain in a typical distribution network. Combined with other advanced transmission technologies, such as Newtec Equalink® Pre-distortion and DVB multistream operation, network optimizations can result in doubling the capacity at the same OPEX!

10 Improvements in DVB-S2X

  • Smaller roll-offs
  • Advanced filtering of satellite carriers
  • Increased granularity in MODCODs
  • Higher order modulation: 64/128/256 APSK support
  • Linear and non-linear MODCODs
  • Better implementation of MODCODs
  • Wideband support
  • Very low SNR support for mobile applications
  • Channel bonding
  • Additional standard scrambling sequences to mitigate co-channel-interference (CCI)







Download: White paper: DVB-S2X Demystified

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