FlexACM® is the unique and market proven end-to-end solution combining a range of technologies to optimize IP Trunking and IP Backbone satellite links in the most efficient way.

FlexACM can be used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems, in one way (with terrestrial return channel) as well as in two way configurations (with the return channel also over satellite).

How Does FlexACM Work?

Compare FlexACM to a jigsaw puzzle. All pieces of technologies fit nicely into a total picture. The pieces of the FlexACM puzzle are advanced technologies such as DVB-S2, ACM, Cross-layer optimization, NoDE (Noise & Distortion Estimator) and ThiMM (Thin Margin Manager).

All of the pieces individually contribute to optimizing the satellite IP link. But once put together these pieces bring the satellite link to full efficiency. End-to-End.

  • Double Throughput
  • Optimal Availability
  • Cuts Down OPEX Costs
  • Fit for Inclined Orbit Satellite Operations
  • End-to-End Efficiency
  • Proven Return-on-Investment
  • Flexible Business Models
  • Best-of-Trade Satcom Equipment with Large Install Base

Newtec's FlexACM technology will switch between maximum efficiency and robust modulation if needed, without link or packet drops.

Equipment with this technology


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