Multistream is a main advantage of the DVB-S2 standard that allows users to aggregate a number of independent transport streams or IP streams into one satellite carrier in a fully transparent manner, maintaining the integrity of the original content.

Multistream is ideally used for Primary Distribution of Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) and Mobile TV over satellite.
  • From headend equipment to tower equipment, lowest number of devices
  • No need for remultiplexing at the towers
  • 1-4 multiplexes distribution with only 1 Receiver (e.g. compared with 4 IRD’s!)
  • Less satellite bandwidth needed compared with DVB-S
  • Distribution of multiple services (Terrestrial TV, Mobile TV, Radio and IP) in a single carrier
  • Ability to saturate the transponder and gain up to 12% bandwidth on top of the gain brought by DVB-S2.
  • Single Frequency Network (SFN) compliant
  • Lower number of frequencies necessary
  • Fully interoperable, transparent and compliant with the DVB-S2 standard

Multistream applied on the MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem

Multistream is available on several Newtec products. Check out this movie how it's available on the MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem.

Equipment with this technology


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