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Cross-Dimensional Multiple Access (Mx-DMA) Return Technology

Newtec Mx-DMA is the return technology that incorporates the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies and at the same time solves the difficult choice to select one or the other. The Mx-DMA return technology on the Newtec Dialog Platform adjusts the frequency plan, the symbol rate, the modulation, coding and power in real-time for every terminal in the satellite network. These adjustments are based on the return traffic demand, the network QoS management and channel conditions for the terminal population in the network. Within the Mx-DMA return link each carrier is assigned to only one terminal. As such SCPC-like maximum return efficiencies are achieved.

At the same time the flexibility of MF-TDMA can be maintained. It remains possible in Mx-DMA to allocate bandwidth on demand and in real-time. In other words as the traffic demand for a remote terminal is changing, bandwidth will be allocated on the fly. If the traffic within the terminal becomes more important, extra bandwidth will auto-dynamically be assigned to the carrier inside the link based on QoS and priority rules. The entire operation is performed seamlessly without any data packet being lost.

The implementation of Mx-DMA typically results in a doubling of the transponder throughput using the same bandwidth, or alternatively reducing the required space segment capacity by 50 percent. The new technology also ensures low jitter and delay, perfect for applications like voice and streaming video.

The Newtec Mx-DMA waveform also incorporates a set of Very Low Signal-to-Noise (VLSNR) spreading MODCODs as part of the full Newtec Mx-DMA MODCOD range. These VLSNR MODCODs facilitate the use of small and phased array antennas, counter deep fading effects and secure communications when the carriers are hidden in the noise. At the same time these Mx-DMA VLSNRs are 100% more efficient compared to legacy spread spectrum implementations.


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