The system consists of an antenna pointing tool that can be optionally ordered with any Newtec Dialog modem, combined with advanced software embedded in the indoor modem.

Point&Play® allows the installer (be it a professional installer or the end-user) to easily position the antenna correctly by identifying the satellite and providing feedback on both signal quality and lock.

The Point&Play system does not require any software to be installed on the end-users’ computer.

The value of Point&Play for service providers & installers
  • Differentiates the service against the competition
  • Lowers the total price of the end-user investment
  • Increases end-user satisfaction by giving options
  • Lowers the operational cost of the service provider
  • Improves the competitiveness of the service provider
  • Increases market penetration by creating more distribution channels
  • Creates extra revenue streams.
Key Features
  • No GPS coordinates necessary
  • Easy antenna pointing within minutes without the need for expensive antenna pointing tools
  • Correct satellite identification
  • Satellite signal quality feedback
  • Correct Satellite lock feedback
  • No computer pointing software required
  • Zero end-user configuration of the IP modem
  • Fast & automated commissioning of the terminal

The system merely consist of a small antenna pointing tool that communicates with the modem. Point&Play allows the installer to easily and correctly point the antenna through an automatic satellite identification tool while an auditive signal provides feedback on for optimal signal quality. Point&Play provides automatic certification for correct pointing and cross poll setting both to the user and to the network operator.

Equipment with this technology


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