S2 Extensions

What's Next After DVB-S2?

Kick-started by Newtec earlier this year, key players in the satellite industry are calling for a satellite transmission standard, specifically for professional satellite contribution links, which would extend the existing DVB-S2 standard.

Our Industry Is in (R)evolution:

When comparing the current DVB-S2 standard against the full implementation of S2 Extensions (activating smaller Roll-Offs, advanced filtering, 64 APSK and wideband) staggering efficiency gains up to 64% can be achieved for professional applications over satellite. For DTH networks up to 20% efficiency increase can be obtained. These gains already exceed the results by proprietary systems in the market today.

S2 Extensions Improvements

1. Smaller Roll-Offs
2. Advanced Filtering
3. Supporting Different Network Configurations
4. Increased Granularity in MODCODs
5. Higher Modulation Schemes up to 64APSK
6. Linear and non-linear MODCODs
7. Wideband Support up to 72 Mbaud


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